The Occupational Therapy staff at Comprehensive Therapy Services offers evaluation, consultation, and treatment for a variety of fine motor and sensory integration issues, including problems with visual perceptual skills, handwriting skills, visual motor integration, self-care skills, body awareness and confidence, muscle and joint integrity, strength and endurance.

The OT team works in our well-equipped Occupational Therapy clinic and gym, which includes a climbing wall and vestibular equipment to address the many aspects of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Sensory integration skills include: sensory awareness, visual spatial awareness, body integration, balance, bilateral motor coordination, visual-motor integration, and praxis.

Our Occupational Therapists have an extensive fine motor program that includes several handwriting programs geared to enhance development for various learning styles for skills that the child’s school has introduced.

Specially trained therapists conduct feeding therapy using a sensory integration approach to address any of the following:

  • children with a limited diet, food aversions, or "picky eaters";
  • children who are having difficulty in transitioning to solid and/or textured foods;
  • children showing difficulty transitioning to a "sippy" cup, regular cup, or drinking from a straw

One of our Occupational Therapists, Justine Faghihifar M.S., OTR, CFLE, is also a Certified Family Life Educator, who provides families with educational support regarding family issues specializing in child behavior challenges and challenges related to raising children with disabilities.

Working together & optimizing goals

Visual perceptual skills

Visual motor integration

Handwriting skills

Self-care skills

Muscle and joint integrity

Sensory integration skills

Adaptive equipment and environmental modifications

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