Helping build communication skills.

The Speech-Language Pathology staff at Comprehensive Therapy Services provides diagnosis, treatment, and consultation for a variety of speech and language problems including: receptive and expressive language skills, articulation difficulties, voice disorders, communication problems associated with autism or pervasive developmental disorder, language development delays, stuttering, non-verbal communication, swallowing, and oral-motor concerns.

We provide consultation for patients and their families regarding different treatment options and recommendations for related services to doctors and other professionals in the Dallas and surrounding areas.

The CTS staff also includes specialists who provide consultation, evaluation, and training for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, for those individuals who are severely speech impaired to determine the most appropriate use of technology to enable the patient to effectively communicate within his/her current environment. Augmentative Communication is an area of clinical practice that attempts to compensate, either temporarily or permanently, for the impairment and disability patterns of individuals with severe expressive communication disorders (i.e. the severely speech-language and writing impaired.) (American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, 2002)

For more information regarding speech and language disorders, please contact us and see more information from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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Receptive and Expressive Language Skills

Articulation Difficulties

Voice Disorders


Developmental Disorders

Oral-Motor Concerns

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