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Why Choose Us

Individual Treatment

One-on-one therapy sessions.  Our therapists focus on your child and provide care tailored to their unique needs, strengths, and skills.


We believe that parent and caregiver involvement is vital to your child’s success.  Our therapists strive to help families articulate their concerns, needs, and goals and support them to be an integral part of their child’s treatment.

  Team Approach

Many children receive multiple therapy disciplines at CTS.  Our therapists are in constant communication with one another and collaborate to provide the best care possible for your child.

  Beautiful & Spacious

Our beautiful and spacious clinic consists of individual treatment rooms with 2-way mirrors, sensory gym, fine motor room, and gross motor room.  We have an abundance of toys, equipment, and supplies sure to fit your individual child’s needs.

My child has grown in his OT and speech needs.  His development is increasing with your professional help!
- ORParent
The staff is always so thoughtful!
- CD Parent
Great Communication. Keeps us informed.  Great Staff.
- JL Parent